Whether a company fits you depends essentially on its values. This is because the values willl determine the companys decisions.

To date it is common to measure the success of an enterprise by having a look at its profit growth. The news are full with articles which company achieved which increase in profit.

In contrast, I measure the success of my enterprise

how I can best serve the interest of my clients.

This includes, but is not limited to, to pursue a tax solution that has good chances of surviving the next couple of years. The examples of Amazon, Google and the high number of tax fraud investigations show that there is huge tax competition and that strict controls are common. As such, a tax practice that has been applied in the past can very well not be in line (any more) with law. As a lawyer I am used to checking that a solution is not only practicable but also supported by law in view of protecting my clients.

I protect the environment – for example much paper is avoided by working digitally, environmentally friendly resources are used etc.

Corporate social activity: I actively support social projects, for instance family welfare organizations and animal shelters.