Who I am

I have gained 20 years of International Tax Experience in Big4s and law firms (the so-called tier 1 firms). During this time I advised and signed off on some of the biggest transactions worldwide. The experience I gained has been shared in many articles and seminars.

My advisory style is both pragmatic and well researched: For instance none of my clients faces state aid investigatios according to EU law (as do Amazon, Fiat or Google for instance) nor investigations for tax fraud from the advice I rendered. Whilst some advisors consider such investigations as a good further profit source, I always considered the protection of my clients as top priority.

I have been working in Germany, Luxembourg and Hong Kong from where I covered many Asian countries. Therefore I had to learn various tax systems. It is unusual for tax advisors to know more than 1 tax system. The advantage of having 1 advisor for 2 jurisdictions is that clients get a solution where the 2 systems go perfectly hand in hand. Usually, prices are lower and finding the right solution works quicker. Also, cultural differences are taken into account – a theoretically perfect solution does not help if it does not work in practice.

Good International tax work is typically very highly priced, however due to internationalization there is a need for excellent but affordable advisors. This gave me the idea to set up an own business offering my internationally recognized expertise. The value “Client interest before profit maximization” is key.

Due to working abroad in English respectively French native speaking environments, my English and French skills are excellent. I am German by origin.